When I post pictures and photos online, I always make it easier for my friends and my family to research me, such as I post photos on Facebook and share only to my friends. It is very useful for people to present their daily life with family and friends. Because of privacy, I will not share the things which I post online to the public or my boss. It will be a big problem when you add your boss as a Facebook friend. This represents that your boss will know what you do and where you are. Sometimes this action will make you be watched. Similarly, there will be a lot of people watched you through the fashion electronics all over the world. Nowadays, an all-encompassing surveillance is surround us, the most important thing for protecting ourselves is to keep personal privacy safely.

With the great development of information technology, Wearable technology which accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies is coming into the market, such as Google glass. It’s much easier for people to do things on internet than before, wherever they are. But these has defined as the sousveillance which records visible materials by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies. Because of their simplicity and secrecy, they are going to be a kind of tools for violating the people’s privacy. There will be an increase in crowd sourcing of surveillance which will gradually form a big problem in the future.


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