Friedman’s description of globalization is about how the flat of the world run in global economy. With the rapid development of economy and the rapid change of technology, countries are getting closer and closer all over the world. We should get curious in continual learning new technologies which can improve global economy and get success in intense competition, just like the internal relocation of a  company’s manufacturing which Friedman depicts:” China’s entrance in the WTO allowed for greater competition in the playing field. Now countries such as Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil must compete against China and each other to have businesses offshore to them.”[1]

But in his view of globalization, he ignores that there are still many regions has been getting less flat. “Geographers on the whole have been particularly critical of Friedman’s writings, views influenced by the large body of work within their field demonstrating the uneven nature of globalization, the strong influence place still has on people’s lives, and the dependent relationships that have been established between the have and have-not regions in the current world-system.” [2] And his view is presented from an American perspective or his view is appropriate for economically developed countries. Then, because we can learn more technologies through the internet, the world becomes more peaceful or free. Countries can import one product and produce the same product by stealing the idea without the copyright owner of the technology permission. There is still slack regulation in global economy.


1. The World is Flat: Further Updated and Expanded (Release 3.0) (2nd revised and expanded ed.). Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 2007. ISBN 0-374-29278-7.

2. Justin Fox (October 17, 2005). “A Painter Is Flat-Out Flimflammed”Fortune Magazine. Retrieved 2007-10-21.


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