‘Private’ Information and Digital Security Failure

For the increasing cyber-crime, both individuals and organizations have responsibility to the public to report the digital security failures. Because the security breach, which defines “to include the loss or theft of devices (e.g. laptops or external drives) and storage media (e.g.disks or USB drivers) that happen to contain personal data, even in the absence of any evidence that the data have been accessed”, will lead to a worsening problem.[1]

As consumers, we have legal rights to know if our ‘private’ information has been accessed. “The right of privacy has evolved to protect the ability of individuals to determine what sort of information about themselves is collected and how that information is used”,[2] such as the name, address, email, SSN, IP address, and financial information. In this age of information and communication, there are more and more crimes are happened through the internet. It will be very dangerous if you don’t know which personal information is accessed by the third party. For example, we always receive the mails from banks or phone companies, which they guarantee that they would not leak out the ‘private’ information of the customers.

Online shopping is probably not too safe for protecting our information not to be vulnerable because there are some spy software around us which we don’t exactly know. But, for convenient shopping, we still have to share our personal information for that companies. Unless there are more strict policy for online shopping, we should still need to know the responsibilities for those companies and know where our personal information be accessed or be gone. 


[1]Fred H. Cate, INFORMATION SECURITY BREACHES: ‘Looking Back & Thinking Ahead’, Hunton & Williams LLP. Copyright © 2008 

[2] http://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/personal_information



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