Illegal Downloading

I don’t think illegal downloading is a victimless crime. No matter you illegal download the music or other things that has a copyright, you certainly violate the legal right of the holder. “If you did not pay for a song, movie or other media file that has a copyright, then downloading that file is a crime.”[1] For protecting the copyright not to be aggrieved, RIAA and MPAA are watching on the internet. If you illegal download, you could probably be found out by these two groups and be punished by law.

Illegal downloading is the same as stealing. Because people who produce creative works by their talents should be respected by people and be protected by law, anybody who downloads the file without paying or the permission of the holder is the same as stealing which law defines, just like the logical seasoning:

” You wouldn’t steal a car.

You wouldn’t steal a handbag.

You wouldn’t steal a mobile phone.

You wouldn’t steal a DVD.

Downloading pirated films is stealing.

Stealing is against the law.”[2]







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