Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was famous of his computer programming in his life. Also, he was an Internet activist that “sought to combat Internet copyright violations.” Then, on July 11, 2011, he was arrested by MIT police because of the wire fraud. And, he was died through hanging himself in his apartment on January 11,2013, in NYC.[1]

I think he has ever prevented the passage of SOPA, and his action was made the government pay more attention to him.Although he just thought to share more things and more useful experiences for the people on the internet, he should take responsibility for his computer fraud. He broke some rules of U.S. intellectual property law, because, without the permission of MIT, he downloaded a lot of academic journal articles which was kept unlocked, and share them in the public library. [2]The rules of the IP law was so strict to those people that infringe copyright. Most of people want to freely download all the documents from the internet. Before we do this we should consider the feelings of the owners of copyright.


1. Gerstein, Josh (July 22, 2011). “MIT also pressing charges against hacking suspect”Politico.

2. “Indictment, USA v. Swartz, 1:11-cr-10260, No. 2 (D.Mass. Jul. 14, 2011)”. MIT. 2011-07-14. Retrieved 2013-01-23. Superseded by “Superseding Indictment, USA v. Swartz, 1:11-cr-10260, No. 53 (D.Mass. Sep. 12, 2012)”. Docketalarm.com. 2012-09-12. Retrieved 2013-01-23.


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