Social Media vs. Traditional Media, Twitter vs. Instagram

No matter Social or Traditional Media, they are just the tools for transmitting information. Nowadays, more social media work through by internet. The news are very easier to spread all over the world than before.Not only that, the astronauts can receive the news in the space. The power of traditional media are no longer strong, but they still exit. Although the status of the modern social media are increasingly important, some of them will transmit the news without any validation. You cannot judge whether the news are real or not. But in the traditional media, such as newspaper, the editors must make sure the events should be really happened, otherwise, they will probably apologize publicly or get punished because of their negligence.

Twitter is the online service which enables people to share things happened with their friends. The important functions are texting messages without any payment and are keeping the materials in private. Instagram is the online service that enables people to share pictures and videos in their daily life. Twitter is much easier to make friends than Instagram. You can immediately get the local or the international news from your friends. You can imagine that there will be less communications between people in the real world in years to come, because all of them will do it in a virtual world. How is the civilization going to be? Some people are worried about that computers would eventually rule the people on the earth in the future.


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