Digital Shadow Tools

The Digital Shadow tool named “Watch Dog” is an alternate reality game which allows the Facebook users to check what things happened in real time. It shows the pictures or the texts which you post, and your friends whom usually or less visit you, and the frequency you log in Facebook. Moreover, it presents you a sort of character profile depending on their activity. It can label your Facebook friends as pawns, stalkers, Liabilities, obsession and scapegoats. I think it is the most powerful software which coded by professional data miners. It reminds us that Facebook knows everything about you. We should always pay attention to our privacy setting on Facebook. The Digital Shadow tool can help us see your own detailed breakdown, then change our privacy settings in time.



When I post pictures and photos online, I always make it easier for my friends and my family to research me, such as I post photos on Facebook and share only to my friends. It is very useful for people to present their daily life with family and friends. Because of privacy, I will not share the things which I post online to the public or my boss. It will be a big problem when you add your boss as a Facebook friend. This represents that your boss will know what you do and where you are. Sometimes this action will make you be watched. Similarly, there will be a lot of people watched you through the fashion electronics all over the world. Nowadays, an all-encompassing surveillance is surround us, the most important thing for protecting ourselves is to keep personal privacy safely.

With the great development of information technology, Wearable technology which accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies is coming into the market, such as Google glass. It’s much easier for people to do things on internet than before, wherever they are. But these has defined as the sousveillance which records visible materials by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies. Because of their simplicity and secrecy, they are going to be a kind of tools for violating the people’s privacy. There will be an increase in crowd sourcing of surveillance which will gradually form a big problem in the future.



Friedman’s description of globalization is about how the flat of the world run in global economy. With the rapid development of economy and the rapid change of technology, countries are getting closer and closer all over the world. We should get curious in continual learning new technologies which can improve global economy and get success in intense competition, just like the internal relocation of a  company’s manufacturing which Friedman depicts:” China’s entrance in the WTO allowed for greater competition in the playing field. Now countries such as Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil must compete against China and each other to have businesses offshore to them.”[1]

But in his view of globalization, he ignores that there are still many regions has been getting less flat. “Geographers on the whole have been particularly critical of Friedman’s writings, views influenced by the large body of work within their field demonstrating the uneven nature of globalization, the strong influence place still has on people’s lives, and the dependent relationships that have been established between the have and have-not regions in the current world-system.” [2] And his view is presented from an American perspective or his view is appropriate for economically developed countries. Then, because we can learn more technologies through the internet, the world becomes more peaceful or free. Countries can import one product and produce the same product by stealing the idea without the copyright owner of the technology permission. There is still slack regulation in global economy.


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‘Private’ Information and Digital Security Failure

For the increasing cyber-crime, both individuals and organizations have responsibility to the public to report the digital security failures. Because the security breach, which defines “to include the loss or theft of devices (e.g. laptops or external drives) and storage media (e.g.disks or USB drivers) that happen to contain personal data, even in the absence of any evidence that the data have been accessed”, will lead to a worsening problem.[1]

As consumers, we have legal rights to know if our ‘private’ information has been accessed. “The right of privacy has evolved to protect the ability of individuals to determine what sort of information about themselves is collected and how that information is used”,[2] such as the name, address, email, SSN, IP address, and financial information. In this age of information and communication, there are more and more crimes are happened through the internet. It will be very dangerous if you don’t know which personal information is accessed by the third party. For example, we always receive the mails from banks or phone companies, which they guarantee that they would not leak out the ‘private’ information of the customers.

Online shopping is probably not too safe for protecting our information not to be vulnerable because there are some spy software around us which we don’t exactly know. But, for convenient shopping, we still have to share our personal information for that companies. Unless there are more strict policy for online shopping, we should still need to know the responsibilities for those companies and know where our personal information be accessed or be gone. 


[1]Fred H. Cate, INFORMATION SECURITY BREACHES: ‘Looking Back & Thinking Ahead’, Hunton & Williams LLP. Copyright © 2008 




Illegal Downloading

I don’t think illegal downloading is a victimless crime. No matter you illegal download the music or other things that has a copyright, you certainly violate the legal right of the holder. “If you did not pay for a song, movie or other media file that has a copyright, then downloading that file is a crime.”[1] For protecting the copyright not to be aggrieved, RIAA and MPAA are watching on the internet. If you illegal download, you could probably be found out by these two groups and be punished by law.

Illegal downloading is the same as stealing. Because people who produce creative works by their talents should be respected by people and be protected by law, anybody who downloads the file without paying or the permission of the holder is the same as stealing which law defines, just like the logical seasoning:

” You wouldn’t steal a car.

You wouldn’t steal a handbag.

You wouldn’t steal a mobile phone.

You wouldn’t steal a DVD.

Downloading pirated films is stealing.

Stealing is against the law.”[2]